My ChurchSuite

At St Mary’s we use a system called My ChurchSuite (formerly known as My ChurchApp). It’s a database and communication tool that we use to communicate with our family members, and to keep accurate records. If you’re a St Mary’s Church Member you can use it to keep your details up to date, as well as add yourself to any rotas for teams you may be a part of.

The ChurchSuite app is available to download for iOS through the App Store and for Android through Google’s Play Store.

Device minimum requirements:
iOS 8 or newer (currently iPhone 4S or later). Android 4.2

Use a Windows PC?
No problem! If you don’t use a smart phone or tablet, you can still use My ChurchSuite by visiting the Website. Importantly, My ChurchSuite web page functions in exactly the same way as you would experience in the App. The module structure, menu and sub-menu items and page actions are the same.