Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care for each other

Pastoral Care is everybody’s business! We can all listen, encourage, offer practical help and pray for one another, whether members of our church family, our own family or our neighbours. This can be a conversation shared over coffee…even a friendly word while washing up can be just what is needed.

Sometimes we find ourselves becoming involved in quite complex situations, and feel that we need help in knowing what to do. A member of our Pastoral Team will be happy to talk things through if you would like guidance as you support each other.
Bereavement support

Everyone’s grief is unique and personal to them. Many are able to cope following a death with the help of family and friends. However, it is not uncommon for people to want help and support several weeks or even months after a death. If you would like the opportunity to share your feelings, a volunteer from the Pastoral Team would be happy to meet up with you.


Is someone you know ill, housebound, in hospital or recently had a baby? A visit offers companionship, and lets someone know that they are kept in mind.

Communion at home

Communion services are regularly organised at some of the sheltered accommodation in Aylesbury. If someone you know is at home and cannot get to church, we can arrange for Holy Communion to be brought to them.

Individual Pastoral prayer

Please ask us if you would like someone to pray with you. There is also a book for prayer requests near the entrance to St Mary’s.

Pastoral Care contacts

We are there to help those of you who need a listening ear – whatever the problem we are always willing to talk it through and to see if we can help you find a way forward.

St Mary’s Pastoral Care Team members are trained, experienced and DBS checked. They can be contacted through the Parish Office:
Telephone: 01296 437641