Small Groups

Small Groups are an essential way of equipping us for the Christian life – sharing in relationship with God and with each other. They are a central part of our St Mary’s purpose statement: ‘Growing Community. Sharing Christ’. We currently have three established Small Groups at St Mary’s (but there’s always room for more!):


TUESDAYS 10am (fortnightly)
Small Group Leader: Tim Newling
Where: Usually meets at St Mary’s.

WEDNESDAYS 6pm (weekly)
Small Group Leaders: Herbert & Rainah Madzorera
Where: Usually meets at St Mary’s Church.

Why is belonging to a Small Group so important? Relationship is at the heart of our Christian life together. Sundays can be great – but sometimes you will want to go deeper into the Bible. Sometimes you will want to pray with others about happenings in the world, or in your life. Sometimes you will want to share the joys and hardships of following Jesus, encouraging others, and learning from people in a similar life situation to you.

What do Small Groups do? Small Groups deepen relationships. There’ll be time to get to know each other better. There will nearly always be a time of Prayer. Sometimes a Small Group might study a Bible passage, where everyone can contribute to the discussion, and talk about its relevancy for each person there. There may be a Worship time (but that probably won’t mean singing!) Sometimes a Small Group will get out and do something in the local community to help others, or engage in social justice issues. And other times a Small Group might just go out and do something fun and social together!